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Over 4 decades of experience in the cosmetic industry give us a competitive profile and technical know-how to develop customer project.

Over the years Rols has developed state-of-the-art projects both for production and formulation in order to fulfil specific targets in the development of products for healthcare.

We offer a complete service: from laboratory when new raw materials and formulations are studied on the basis of the specific needs of its customers, to the creation of a personalised pack.

New formula are developed in accordance with current regulations to create a safe product, which can be controlled throughout every phase of its life.

We also support our costumer to put into discharge in full the law regulation.
What we offer

  • Highly performing product
  • Innovative products
  • State-of-the-art formulas
  • Extremely pleasant textures and fragrances
  • Utmost dermatological safety
  • Collaboration and counseling
ROLS sas di Rottoli L. & C.
Viale Cesare Cattaneo 30
22063 Vighizzolo di Cantù - COMO
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