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The company

Founded in 1965 ROLS was built up in a deconsacrated church, began as a small artisan family-run firm, cultivating attention to details and especially to the quality of product.

At the beginning there was only talcum powder production: the next step was skin care products production and the enlargement of productive and operating system.

The first contact with high perfumery was through ETRO that appoint the production of their perfumes to us: an artisan production, characterised by a closer attention to details and to the quality of each product.

In the 90s ROLS SAS started a process of industrialization supported by the gain of new customers, an increase in the commercial offer, and a structural adjustment.

Through the years, ROLS was committed in a regular structural adjustment, always taking care of details as in the artisan tradition, putting high standards of quality and customer satisfaction first.

ROLS has always been committed to making constant improvements in terms of the quality: we are certified according to ISO 9001:2008
We undertakes to manufacture products with a defined quality, satisfying the requests of the market, the customers and the laws.

We are inspired by common values of loyalty, honesty, integrity, transparency, fair competition, respect for intellectual property and privacy, equal opportunities, and sustainable growth.

ROLS was founded

Talcum Powder for Moschino and Enrico Coveri

High Perfumery for Etro

Structural adjustment

Technological and organizational renovation

ISO 9001:2008

Structural adjustment, new production areas and global renovation
ROLS sas di Rottoli L. & C.
Viale Cesare Cattaneo 30
22063 Vighizzolo di Cantù - COMO
P.IVA and C.F. 02090940137
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