Rols sas | since 1965, made in Italy cosmetics

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since 1965, made in Italy cosmetics


Founded in 1965 ROLS was built up in a deconsacrated church, began as a small artisan family-run firm, cultivating attention to details and especially to the quality of product.
At the beginning there was only talcum powder production: the next step was skin care products production and the enlargement of productive and operating system.


Since 2005 ROLS has implemented a management system...
Over the years Rols has developed state-of-the-art project...
ROLS deals with the best known and appreciated national and international brands...
The manufacturing plant, built with modern concepts...
ROLS sas di Rottoli L. & C.
Viale Cesare Cattaneo 30
22063 Vighizzolo di Cantù - COMO
P.IVA and C.F. 02090940137
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+39 031 732648

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